Known as The world’s greatest listeners

While others talk,
we listen

We’re known for our minimal, and fun vibes. We have worked with numerous brands and have helped them stand out in store and online. We always dedicate our time to deliver great work and create long lasting relationships with our clients. The best joy we receive is celebrating our clients achievements and watching them excel.

Led by founder, Dinuki Niha, Uptown Studios is a creative studio that helps ambitious brands who play it different with strategic & inspiring designs that are drool-worthy.

We're pretty good
at what we do.


I wanted to give my website a makeover and give it a more professional look. I also felt like to be able to grow my business, I needed to focus on product development, and leave the web designing bit to an expert who can make my vision a reality. A good website design not only generates a greater sales turnover, but it also solidifies your brand, your story, and the whole look of the business.

I always knew I needed help, It was just a matter of finding the right person to do it with me. Dinuki from Uptown Studios listened, and absorbed my ideas. She was always open to hear what I think and what I have to say- but also give constructive feedback when required. She was very transparent and realistic about what can and can’t be done, and tried her best to work around the limitations we had to make things possible. She delivered on time, and was very quick and responsive to implementing changes to the design.

I am very pleased with how it turned out, and it was definitely worth every penny. I recommend Uptown Studios for their excellent work ethics and amazing talent in creating a beautiful website that fully embodies my brand’s soul.


YOUR brand IS WHAT people , say about you when you’re not IN THE ROOM.

At Uptown Studios, we don’t just make pretty logos and websites. We will be your creative problem solver, your Genie and your magic lamp. We will be crafting drool worthy designs rooted with strategy.

One thing left… A talented & Smart Designer

Behind the brand - Dinuki Niha

After practicing and learning new strategies continually since I was 15, I have developed a unique talent for creating colour palettes, brand designing and illustrations, applying hand drawn illustrations. I experienced a major turning point in my business when I learned and implemented brand strategy into my workflow. 

These days, I run the studio from my home office in New York, USA with three amazing team members world-wide.

I believe every brand has has a story behind it. Uptown Studios exists to help brands play it different with strategic & inspiring designs that are drool-worthy.

Special Skills: Listening & Understanding Clients