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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re so excited to hear from you! Please fill out the brief client application form, and you’ll hear from us within 24 hours. We'll send along a link to book a Free Inquiry Call that works for your schedule. If you need to contact us for anything else, email us at [email protected].

Each project is priced individually based on the needs of the business. However, we will be providing an in depth detailing about the pricing in the proposal following our inquiry call.

At Uptown Studios, we understand that branding is an investment, so we want to be as accommodating as possible. We currently offer 2 set payment plans, but we can discuss this if there is another option that would be best suited to you and your business.

Not at all! In fact, most of our clients rely on us to establish which package would be best suited to them. In your project proposal, you will receive 3 guided options, with the choice of add-ons, that we think you will most benefit from. You can then choose which of these you would like to move forward with in the future.

I do have expertise in is my ability to help facilitate all of your knowledge and expertise from you, through me and to your customers. I am going to take all of your knowledge about your field of work and apply it to my knowledge I have about building brands. I am going to take these fresh ideas and we are going to create a really profitable brand together.

Yes! Once we’ve done strategy and branding together, you have access to our studio for project based design as your brand continues to grow. As a past client, simply shoot us an email and we’ll reach back to you.

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